London Fashion Week at Topshop

Topshop is one of the major sponsors of London Fashion Week, it’s well worth taking a look at their new website as it keeps getting better and better dedicating the site to the all exciting Fashion Week in September.

If you don’t get chance to visit London Fashion Week then check out Topshop’s website as it will give you all the latest updates as to what is available, where and when, it will tell you what labels are on everybody’s favourite wish list. There will also be podcasts which you can download featuring designer interviews and inside info for the first time ever!

Leading on from that the website will offer 1,500 items available to buy everyday along with exclusive products which you should buy when you see them as you will never see them again.

Topshop has put together a survival guide which gives you great tips on how to get through Fashion Week.

Tip 1. Get yourself a big bag, they are not only incredibly fashionable at the moment but look great on your arm.

Tip 2. Quick changes … they suggest a TAXI for those swift changes to get there in plenty of time to nab a good seat and view.

Tip 3. Tip 3 is for thick skin – everyone’s a bitch in fashion. DARLING. Watch out! But remember the saying ‘sticks and stones.’

Tip 4. Secret weapon – wear a large hat to stand out amongst the fashion crowd (it’s a sneaky way to block out your rival’s catwalk view). Topshop advise to consider Burberry’s beanie or Balenciaga’s riding hat.

Tip 5. The basics – Fashion Week can become a health hazzard without the following things;
Water – one glass per mini Moet. Make-up – too many air kisses can play havoc with the old blusher. Facial spritz – to wipe it off! Mobile phone – with concierge and taxi services on spee dial. Umbrella – The dripping ‘wet look’ has never been in fashion.

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