Little Me Organics Mum-to-be Stretch Mark Oil

The perfect stocking filler this Crimbo for a blossoming mum-to-be would be any product from the Mum-to-be Organics range. Whether you`re expecting or not it`s always wonderful to receive gorgeous skincare products underneath the Christmas tree to feel revitalised for the New Year ahead. As you know I love the mum to be rich tummy cream (£6.99), so much so that it`s gone already and there`s not a drop left!

Little Me Organics – Mum-to-be Stretch Mark Oil, £6.99

I`ve been reading a lot about using oils instead of creams so naturally; the mum to be stretch mark oil (£6.99) was next on my wish list. The oil has the same gorgeous smell and it even got rid of my itchy tummy (and, I only had to use it once). This light oil contains rose hip, organic vanilla and grapefruit, and it states that this formula is great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, soothing problem skin, and helping the skin`s natural healing process with the nutrients vitamin E, copper and zinc. My due date is end of March so lets hope this magical oil works wonders for me…

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