Lessons in Legs by Charnos Hosiery

Nearly every one of my friends really doesn`t like their legs, and would find at least one thing wrong to say about them. I too am the same because I hardly ever step outside the house without wearing tights if I`m wearing a dress, skirt and even shorts! But I always stick to the hosiery I know, the same colours and brands, I`m just too weary to try new styles.


I heard the other day that Charnos Hosiery are running a lessons in legs campaign to make more women confident about trying new styles, types and colours of hosiery – sounds great I hear you say, and I think this is a fab idea! All along you could be wearing a style or colour which you like, but isn`t very flattering for your leg shape.

Basically Charnos has identified six leg shapes that include The Showgirl, The Pillar, The Wine Glass, The Flamingo, The Athlete and The Compact. You can find the black silhouette shapes on the website www.lessonsinlegs.co.uk, where you can decide which one you are and then use the expert advice and industry knowledge which is on offer to see what styles, colours and types of hosiery suits your shape best.

This is a fantastic way to get women, and me for that matter, to break out of their comfort zone and create new and inspiring outfits. You could start wearing patterned hosiery to spruce up your outfits for a fashionable, on-trend look!

A survey that Charnos Hosiery ran, reveals that 89% of women are not confident about trying out new styles, and 88% of women say they would benefit from tips on how to make the most out of their leg shapes. This is a great start, and proves that the legs campaign idea is the perfect way to help women feel more confident with themselves.

Entrants voted Cameron Diaz the celebrity they thought had the best legs – but don`t forget – she has millions in the bank and probably has a personal trainer and god knows what else a celebrity these days has! At the end of the day we`ve got to be happier with the shape of our legs so we can ooze sexiness and self-confidence!

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