Klorane`s Cult Dry Shampoo Goes Mini

When it comes to hair, I go natural. I am a natural blonde (well, with natural looking highlights…!) I don`t straighten my hair, instead I prefer to leave my natural waves and kinks to their own devices. For this reason I am somewhat averse to using hair products that glare at you with their neon packaging and their chemical formulas. This has never held me back though – I stick to the natural products in Boots, which tend not to be too much more expensive than the slightly less natural hair ranges. However the one product that I have always had to compromise on is Dry Shampoo. I cannot live without it, so my well meant organic-herbo-back-to-basic-morals have had to be relaxed for this one necessity.


That is until last week, when I discovered Klorane`s Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo Oat Milk. Packaged in an inoffensive, simple white and green spray canister, (now available in a neat handbag sized 50ml mini), the dry shampoo smells fresh rather than overly fragranced, leaving behind it a trace of cleanness and freshness as opposed to heavy, floral product. Annoyingly, as with many dry shampoos – it favours the blondes – as the product is white and needs to brush brushed though diligently to work for brunettes or redheads. Saying this, it is a very light pigmentation in comparison with other brands and is known to be a hot favourite of Mischa Barton`s, who uses the Klorane dry shampoo to up the root volume in her hair when it is looking tired and limp.

Most importantly the formula is gentle on your hair and you don`t have to sacrifice the condition of your hair for it to look 110% perfect all the time.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, £2.99 50ml, is available from the Garden Pharmacy and leading independent pharmacies.

written by
Katie Service

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