Katherine Kwei Exclusive Handbags

Do you love a beautiful handbag? If the answer is yes, then I`m happy to introduce you to one of the most amazing handbag designers I have recently come across, Katherine Kwei.

Katherine`s style is unmistakable. She masters the delicate art of Chinese knotting and blends modernity and tradition in a unique way, creating real work of arts.

Made exclusively by hand some of the bags take up to 15 hours to get completed.

Using only the most luxurious materials the result is an amazing combination of understated chic and timeless designs. Something you will never grow tired of.

Donna clutch in water snake and lamb skin with Swarovski crystals $1,010

Teresa Hobo limited edition handbag in water snake and lamb skin $1,420

Isabel knotted metallic clutch in lambskin $635

Katherine`s creations are available in the UK at Sixty 6 in London (T:+44 207 224 6066) and online at www.katherinekwei.com

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