Karin Herzog Oxygen Skincare

Take a deep breathe because the 2010 beauty word on the street is `Oxygen, Oxygen Oxygen`, it`s the latest potent ingredient in the battle against tired and aging skin.
Celebs have long been wise into the ways of the big O and have been stocking their bathroom shelves with a brand called `Karin Herzog`. This luxury skincare range developed in Switzerland boasts Uma Thurman, Kylie and Victoria Beckham amongst its fans so I had to find out more – after all what`s good enough for Posh is surely good enough for a TopStylista lady?!

Herzog decided to start using oxygen because it`s antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Apparently when we`re young and our oxygen levels are healthily high we have beautiful clear complexions. But as we age our oxygen levels naturally decline and this combined with smoking, stress, pollution, alcohol, sun damage etc means our skin looks old and tired. Not good….



However help is at hand. Right now there are a number of UK spas offering Herzog problem solving treatments, it`s a great way to first experience the products, the experts talk you through the science while all you need to do is relax and unwind. I tried out the Anjala Spa at the Grange hotel, St Pauls. It`s a gorgeous oriental sanctuary: orchids, laquered wood, bamboo shoots and rare teas all melt the city away and transport you to another place. After a consultation with one of the therapist I opted for a chocolate facial ( after all, it is Easter….) It turns out the wonderful the cocoa bean is an anti oxidant which combined with the power of the Oxgen makes a fantastic anti-aging facial. I always knew the sweet stuff was good for you….

My therapist prepped my skin with a deep cleanse then continued with a deep drainage massage using Monoi oil infused with cocoa beans. She then lavished with a deep penetrating Oxygen-rich mask. Finally, in a gentle layering action she applied a cream that contains pure Swiss cocoa powder, followed by a warming layer of melted chocolate to insulate my skin. It smelt deliciously divine and was a wonderfully indulgent experience! Friends commented that my skin appeared younger and really glowed, it certainly felt softer and rejuvenated. (If facial aren`t your thing there is also a choc body treatment which similarly includes all the deep cleansing, massage and exfoliation).

If you can`t afford the time out then it`s worth investing in a couple of Herzog`s best sellers and trying it out for yourself at home. I`d advise the tone and tan range, I`ve been using it since my spa visit because it handily combats cellulite as well as add a lovely natural glow to winter skin – no wonder the stars are addicted to this stuff!

For spa treatments try:
Karin Herzog Swiss Oxygen Skincare at the Ajala Spa in the Grange Hotel, St Paul`s, 10 Godliman Street, London EC4V 5AJ, Tel:+44 (0) 20 7074 1000

For products check out www.Lockonego.com

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