Karen Homer`s inspirational little books for ladies

Having searched high and low for a `little book of` anything to do with style and fashion to review for you I stumbled across three all in one go!

They are all by the same author and follow a very cute and readable format. The three titles are:

`Things a Woman Should Know About Style`
`Things a Woman Should Know About Beauty`
`Things a Woman Should Know About Shoes`


They each retail for around £9.99 and make a lovely Mothers`S Day gift idea or simply a pressie for a best friend. Each has around 200 pages and although there`s a vast amount of text it`s really nicely broken up into inspirational quotes, short tales, advice, history…. You name it.

Nice easy reading and a quality hardback t the price.

Here`s a quick piece of inspiration from `Things a Woman Should Know About Style` which I have found to be incredibly true:

`Women who wear black lead colourful lives” Neiman Marcus Advertisment.

Buy them here.

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