Josie McCannon Custom Made Headpieces

At TopStylista our personal shoppers london are always excited to stumble across something new, so were super happy to hear about Josie McCannon`s headpieces! Being a personal stylist, you just know her custom made headpieces are going to be creative and have a unique twist!


Never making a headpiece that she wouldn`t wear herself, Josie puts 100% into her designs and loves what she does which is a great start to any business. Why do something you hate, when you can branch into something you`re passionate about? Meeting with the client to discuss in detail what they are looking for, her designs can be worn from season to season and year on year, which is what women want these days. There is no point buying an item you can only wear once, especially in this `credit crunch era`.

Josie has recently branched out into bridal wear, as more brides seem to choose these over veils at the moment so it seems headpieces are becoming very popular. She also has a bespoke service that offers a unique offering where she captures the client`s personal preference and characteristics. A great idea if you`re looking for something extra special for a wedding or a big stylish event.

Josie says –
`My designs are timeless and elegant, exceeding my clients expectations is what makes it all worthwhile.”

Having done designs for a few clients in New York, her work has also been shortlisted for best fashion accessorises at race meetings a number of times – no wonder really as earlier this year she made herself a hat and bag out of a bird feeder. Genius!

Prices of Josie`s headpieces vary from 100 Euros up to 400 Euros depending on a client`s budget. Visit her website here for more information.


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