January Sale Shopping Tips

We practically wait all year round for the January Sales to start but it can be a nightmare trawling through the crowds of eager shoppers to find what you want.

Here are some great tips that you should consider before tackling your shopping trip to ensure you get what you want and also to make sure you don’t buy something just because it’s cheap!


Tip 1) Make a list before hand of items that you wanted to purchase before Christmas. You will have probably tried on the items at the time so you will know straight away what the size is you require. Head straight for those shops and if the items are there then it is a bonus. This exercise will save you time and it will also confirm the fact that if you really liked it beforehand then you will more than likely still love it, making it a well worthwhile purchase.

Tip 2) If you get to a store and they don’t have your size then please don’t freight. Ask the sales assistants if they have another size in their stock rooms, failing that ask them if they could phone other stores to see if they have what you want. Be prepared that it may be too busy for them to phone there and then but suggest that they could phone at a quieter time which is more convenient.

Tip 3) If the thought of making a trip into town is too much for you then there is nothing better than sitting at your computer and making the necessary purchases online. You will have to pay postage and packing but it is a great feeling knowing that you are not getting caught up in the crowds. The discounts that you get off your items will contribute to the postage and packing costs, so all in all a great option!

Tip 4) We buy clothes because we love them but before making your purchase really think about what reasons you are buying it for … is it because it is cheap? To help you make this decision think about what else your item will go with in your existing wardrobe and then work out how much potential wear you will get out of it.

Tip 5) Before you head into town to start your shopping make a list of potential things you are in need of, this will stop you from side tracking and making naughty, unnecessary purchases.

Tip 6) Always make sure at the time of purchase to check what the stores return policy is, they all differ and sometimes for sale items the policies are different to the normal ones. This will also save you time because you could potentially get away with buying an item without trying it on rather than queuing at a busy changing room and then return it at a later date if it’s not suitable. Also, some stores won’t give full refunds on sale goods so please be aware of that.

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