It’s A Favourite of Cameron Diaz … Introducing VANI-T Body Custard

There are so many self-tanning lotions and potions out there it`s sometimes a minefield choosing which brand is best for you – all we can often do is read the reviews.

Our tried and tested self-tanning products have been very much enjoyed recently so why not take our word for it and read on…

VANI-T Body Custard – £19.00

A new Australian brand called VANI-T Body Custard is a fave with Miss Diaz (yes, Cameron), so I guess if it`s good enough for her then it must be worth trying… it`s packaging is my kind of packaging – very pink and girlie!

I really haven`t contemplated the thought of smothering my body in bronzing custard but I suppose it would help if I actually liked the stuff paired with apple pie but I have to confess I prefer ice cream.

VANI-T is free from petro-chemicals and artificial colours instead the macadamia, coconut and hint of cinnamon scent will soothe your senses and leave you feeling scrummy. This potion works it`s magic in 20 minutes so it`s perfect to smother on before a night out leaving you tantalisingly tanned and ready for teasing!

Top tip: Experiment at home first to see how much you need to smother on as it`s a gradual tanning process. You don`t want to go overboard on the first night you use it and end up looking like you`ve been tangoed.

Get your hands on VANI-T at Austique shop, Kings Road, London and Sweaty Betty.


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