Ipanema Shoe Range G2B by Gisele

Finding a suitable pair of flip flops is hard enough as it is. Firstly and most importantly – they have to be stylish – and secondly – you`ve got to be able to walk in them without experiencing the painful rubbing on your feet.

So in comes Ipanema flip flops! Gisele Bundchen is the face and representative of this gorgeous collection of footwear called G2B. From their interesting, beautiful designs to the range of styles and colours, you`ll have the most amazing footwear of all gorgeously tanned sun worshipers on the beach!


I think one of the best qualities about these shoes is that they`re made of a unique air infused PVC making them cushioned and a lot more comfortable – perfect for wearing in the heat and especially as you`re your feet can normally swell.

The prices range from £12.99 to £22.00 and you`ll be helping a good cause along the way. Indian Tribes in Brazil, living in the Xingu Indian Park are trying to draw attention to themselves because their lives are threatened by deforestation. This new collection providing awareness to this problem and a sum of money from the sale of these shoes will go towards preserving the Headwaters of the Xingu River in Brazil`s Amazon Region.


The Xingu Gold flip flop is a must-have at £12.99 – they`re perfect footwear for the beach!


The detachable ankle strap on the Ikatu Strap sandal (in black/bronze) is unique, which means you can change your outfit from wearing either a mini skirt to a pair of jeans! The price is reasonable as well at £17.99.

These are just a few of my favourite styles but you can check out the full Ipanema Gisele Bundchen G2B footwear range at – www.ipanemaflipflops.co.uk

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