Interview with Shoes of Prey Founder & Director of Fashion Jodie Fox!

Shoes of Prey was founded in October 2009 by three friends and ex-lawyers: Michael Fox (Co-founder and Director of Operations, ex-google), Mike Knapp (Co-founder and Director of Technology, also ex-google) and Jodie Fox (Co-founder and Director of Fashion). The team then grew to 19 people and the brand has taken the fashion world by storm as it was the first online company in the world offering an opportunity to design your own shoes in any style or colour.


The freedom us women have at creating our perfect pair of shoes is incredible as there are so many features, designs, styles and colours to choose from. And it`s so much fun! There are literally millions of design combinations to play around with and a large variety of fabulous materials, ranging from soft leather, fish skin, snakeskin, Italian silk and many more. Whether you`re after ballet flats or 4.5 inch heels you`ll find the right shoe for you!

Prices range from as little as £100 too so you and your bank balance can breathe a sigh of relief. As the website is a bespoke service, it is about the fit as much as the fashion. Shoes of Prey provide a wide range of sizes, can adjust the widths and make one shoe bigger than the other – something you won`t find in many high street stores these days.

Jodie Fox is a shoe-aholic herself and set out to change the way women buy shoes forever. Being the Founder of Shoes of Prey, Jodie was recently named Australia`s Business Woman of the Year and after only two years the website already has a huge fanbase with thousands of fashionistas a week designing their own shoes!


Jodie Fox

We were extremely lucky to get the chance to interview Jodie Fox and here is what she had to say!

Jamie: What made you decide to launch the website Shoes of Prey?

Jodie: I’d always liked shoes, but I didn’t love them until I realised I could get exactly what I wanted by commissioning my own designs. I started to create a fabulous wardrobe of unique shoes, which my girlfriends loved. When I told them they were my designs, they were so excited and asked me to commission designs for them as well. Concurrently, my two business partners Mike Knapp and Michael Fox were both working at google and looking to become involved in the online retail opportunity. With the marriage of online retail and design your own shoes, Shoes of Prey was born.

Jamie: When did your love for bespoke shoes start?

Jodie: I’d always loved the idea of creating my own shoes, but I didn’t realise it could ever be accessible to me. As soon as I had this realisation, I fell in love and I’ve never looked back!

Jamie: What made you decide to change career from being a lawyer to working in the advertising and fashion world?

Jodie: Unfortunately my heart was just never in being a lawyer. I needed something more creative. I’m not regretful of the experience by any means – in fact, having been a lawyer continues to be incredibly useful in the day-to-day running of Shoes of Prey.

Jamie: Did you ever dream that Shoes of Prey would become as successful as it has?

Jodie: We started Shoes of Prey with big dreams and although it has been a really positive start, this is very much the beginning of the journey for us!

Jamie: What would be your perfect SS12 bespoke shoe design to see you through the season?

Jodie: I think it would have to be this strappy 4.5 inch thick heel shoe! Bright, bold colour is so important at the moment as are thick straps.

Jamie: Where do you look for inspiration when putting together the range of styles, designs and colours women get to choose from on the website?

Jodie: There is an enormous range of people, objects and ideas that inspire the range at Shoes of Prey. The runway, styles I see on the street and palettes from artwork are just a few worth mentioning.

Jamie: What are your favourite SS12 trends which women could incorporate into their shoe design?

Jodie: SS12 trends that look fabulous in shoes include pastels, high wedge shaped heels and shiny materials.

Jamie: Who would you say your Top 3 fashion designers are and why?

Jodie: Bianca Spender, Camilla Franks and We are Handsome. Bianca Spender because her clothes are so effortlessly elegant and perfectly cut. Camilla Franks for her bold digital prints and We are Handsome for the seamless marriage of beautiful imagery into high quality swimwear.

Jamie: Will men be able to customise their perfect shoe in the future?

Jodie: It’s something we’d love to work on, but there are just so many more women’s designs we need to work on first!

Jamie: Are there any exciting plans lined up for Shoes of Prey?

Jodie: Yes, lots! We have a huge range of new materials and styles being released in the coming months… but it’s all under a veil of secrecy at the moment! We’ll be sure to share as soon as the time is right – stay tuned!

The online fashion label also recently announced the launch of a new range of styles – Sandals! This is the first new style to be added to the fabulous label`s collection in over 12 months and they have been worth the wait. The sophisticated and chic sandal designs are must-haves for this summer and will compliment holiday and beach wear perfectly!

Jodie Fox says:

`We`re thrilled to give women the chance to turn their imaginations to designing sandals. But more than that – the chance to plan that perfect poolside look, while dreaming of that Summer escape.”







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