In The World Of Fashion It’s A Celebrity’s Life

The Celeb Life is a fabulous blog and claims to the `Guide To The Rich And Glamourous` and it most certainly is!


I love seeing what the A-list stars are wearing whether it`s right or totally wrong but most of the time they DO get it right with a lot of help from their stylist. The Celeb Life looks at celebrity styles, beauty, designers, inspiration and visits the whole world of celebrity glamour. What`s in or out in terms of fashion in the celebrity world plays a big part on what actually appears on the high street. A massive trend may start because of what one A-list celebrity is wearing and then that item in question will become a must-have item that everyone simply must have. The Celeb Life covers all these angles in a tongue and cheek manner and what I most love about this site is that it shows you where you can buy what the celebs actually wear, or similar!

I love the way this blog is written, it`s fun, witty and we could all gain loads of inspiration from visiting this website.

Thanks to The Celeb Life for contacting me and letting me know about this unique blog, I have had fun reading it and therefore it`s definitely going into TopStylista`s Best Blogs.

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