Hourglass Toner Tights by Aristoc

I think we all remember the enormous bloomers scene in Bridget Jones’s diary! Well now there are some must have tights that do a similar job of compacting, lifting and tucking loose bits and pieces.


Their called hourglass toner tights and can genuinely give an instant tone up for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Retailing for £12 ($24) their not going to break the bank either!!


Surprisingly comfortable and claimed by British makers, Aristoc, to slim down your waist by two inches – these might just become the essential stocking filler this Christmas!

According to the Mail, luminaries such as Billie Piper, Holly Willoughby and Ugly Betty’s Ashley Jensen are big fans.

Miss Jensen is quoted as saying that – “If I am looking glam, it is only because I have got underwear on from my chest to my thigh.”

The technology behind the hourglass toners is essentially an inch thick band of elastic that sits under the bust and over a large compression band sewn into the waist. Other bands are fitted into the rear, hips and thighs to give firmer tone.

Amazingly, the designers claim that amino acids in the silk moisturise the skin.

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