Higher Than High

Hi Chantelle,

I am 5ft 3, 9st 9 and aged 52 (trendy and look younger).

My problem is that I am a size 12 on hips and tops of legs but I am not very long between my bust and hip. The waist on trousers is always a bit tight making the flab hang over the band but if I move up a size my hips, bum and tops of legs just hang off me.

I love trousers and jeans any suggestions?


Many thanks for your fashion agony.

There are a lot of women who struggle with this …

I am guessing that you are a pear shape which suggests your lower body is slightly larger than your upper body. If you wear trousers that sit on your hips then you will experience extra over hang of tum. However, the best trouser fit for you are ones that are high waisted with a straight or wide leg. They do take a little while to get used to especially if you are used to wearing hipster styles.

Persevere with this style as these trousers are all around you on the high street, making them easy to buy but more importantly by wearing high waisted trousers changes your body shape drastically, making you appear slimmer on your bottom half. They will fit snug around your waist whilst skimming your hips and bum – perfect!

Here are a few high waisted styles to give you some ideas of what’s out there.


Alexander McQueen – High Waist Trousers – £435.00

Navy blue high waisted trousers. Pleated front. Wide leg. Pockets sit on either side below the waistband. Narrow turn-ups. A pocket sits on the right hand side at the back of the trouser.


Topshop – High Waist Cinch Back Trousers – £35.00
High waist denim look trousers with button detail at front and cinch detail at back.


Rick Owens – High Waisted Trousers – £365.00
Beige high waisted trousers. Horizontally ribbed elasticated panels sit on either side of the high waist. The legs fall wide to the ankle.

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