Gossard Lingerie Review from Lingerie Please!

The latest set I got my fashionista hands on is The French Fancy Non Padded Plunge Bra with briefs – a beautiful set in midnight made from sheer lace with delicate gold trimming. It is designed to support you in the most comfortable of ways and I must say this is very true and it fits me perfectly.

Gossard is world famous for creating the ultimate cleavage which a lot of women dream of (myself included.) This non padded plunge bra however gives a slight uplift but it is more for support and comfort which I love! Be careful when wearing it with flimsy, lightweight garments though as the bra is not smooth but if you want to show a sexy hint of it when wearing a figure hugging dress in the evening it is perfect!

An understated yet sexy lingerie set it highlights my curves in a subtle yet beautiful way. Another win from Gossard!


Gossard French Fancy Non Padded Plunge Bra, £29.99 from Lingerie Please

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