Fashion Pieces For The Pear Shapes Among Us

The ‘Pear’ tends to have bigger hips to shoulders and upper body half. If you are a pear shape then you should balance out your shoulders so that they appear in line with your hips, creating an invisible rectangle.

Jackets are very good for realigning your shoulders but for hotter weather this is an impossible option. One thing you can do is look for tops and shirts with puffed or fluted sleeves for an alternative to wearing a jacket. Widening the neckline of any garment worn on your top body half will also increase the width of your shoulders. Stick to detailing around the top half of the body rather than the bottom half / hip area. Wearing bold accessories on the neckline can also work in terms of adding the detailing in that area. Scarves are also a good alternative. When thinking about what to wear on the bottom half then look for a wide leg trouser style as this will balance the overall appearance of your figure and also skim the biggest part of your body, creating a slimline shape.

Stay away from strappy tops as they will increase the size of your hips and imbalance the body shape, however this is almost impossible to do in the Summer months. Avoid wide belts worn on the hips as this draws attention to the hip area and will therefore increase their size and also another tip is to never wear tapered trousers as this too will extenuate your small ankles against your bigger hips.

Some great clothing to consider when you are pear shaped includes; wide leg trousers and wide neck tops, as mentioned above, jackets and a-line skirts. I have found some great shaped clothing to suit all you pears out there. Take note and when your next on a shopping trip take these pieces and shapes into consideration.


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