Good Things Come In Small Packages

If you are petite you can still have any number of problem areas. There are some key things to take into consideration when buying clothes.


Here are some great tips of things TO DO if you are a petite build:

You can lengthen the body if you dress in one colour – a great tip when buying dresses!

Long, wide leg trousers will make you appear taller and will also lengthen your legs. For extra height and lengthening wear some sexy heels. If you find it hard to wear them during the day, a good alternative are a pair of wedges – this style is very popular at the moment so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair you like.

Some great High Street shops in the UK that cater for petite body shapes are Topshop, Gap, Marks and Spencer, Principles and Wallis.

Here are some great tips of things NOT TO DO if you are a petite build:

When choosing an outfit don’t chop the body into too many pieces. The more lines or hems you draw on the body the shorter it will appear. For instance cropped trousers are a fashion no no for petite bodies but if you insist on wearing them then make sure you wear shoes that are of the same colour so that it looks like your legs appear as one.

Minimise layering throughout the body and stay away from baggy clothing as this will just drown you, you will end up looking shorter and bigger than you really are.

Stay away from big, bold patterns instead go for smaller more delicate ones so they compliment your body size.

If you have any questions you would like to ask on problem body shapes or body parts then please don’t hesitate to email me. I will be happy to find solutions and give you further advice on what clothes to buy that will suit your body shape.

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