Gok Wan’s Style Consultation Website Review

I recently stumbled across Gok`s new online style consultation website in association with Channel 4 … and simply had to try it.

Nice and easy to use, the website churns out free advice (love it so far), but having tried it three times and each time finding that it gave me the wrong body shape (as a stylist I know these things) … I started thinking that `this isn`t Gok’s work`. He`d know what body shape I am in seconds … It said I had a boyish straight up and down figure … and that my body doubles are gwyneth paltrow and nicole kidman – I’m a very obvious pear shape and in no way resemble these rectangular shaped ladies.

The second gripe we have with it is that many of the elements resemble our very own iStylista.com which we launched over 2 years ago. Check out the imagery below and see if you agree. Our body shapes are on the left (or top) and Gok’s on the right (or bottom) … hmmmmmm! We don’t mind a little competition BUT we only respect innovators!


We want to set the record straight … we are HUGE fans of Gok’s BUT we feel this site just doesn`t reflect his skill and judgement … and then there`s the case of a little plagiarism here and there of course!

Marks out of ten … we give it a 6. Get the profiling mechanism right and it`s a great little widget to play with. If you`re having a 5 minute tea break then it`s possibly worth a tinker. We’d love to know what you think.

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