Giles Deacon Extra Volume Fashion

Coming up fast on the inside track of fashion trends is the voluminous look. Puffy silhouettes can hide a multitude of sins and can give you a chance to express yourself in opulent fabrics that give you a distinct sophistication. I’m not sure this will be a trend that will last the test of time, but as far as going with something a little “off the wall” is concerned this might be something to watch out for in Spring 2007. Giles Deacon seems to be a protagonist of this style with pieces such as the one below catching the eye.


According to City Style Guide Giles Deacon has “fused colorful, frivolous looks in various silhouettes with sleeker, body hugging outfits. The results were mixed. Odd hats, loose patchwork like dresses, and one with a pink elephant on it were not very successful. Most others, including a short shiny pink printed dress with voluminous sleeves, a pink zebra striped coat, and a black dress with circled ruffled bottoms, were strong hits.”

Watch out for River Island releasing similar styles in the Autumn.

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