Free Bagology readings with Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

`What on earth is Bagology?” we hear you cry. It`s a word that Sudocrem Skin Care Cream have given to their latest Facebook offering, where they are using the UK`s leading `Handbag Therapist` (no, not someone you need to see if you are addicted to handbags) who is able to read your personality just by looking at the contents of your handbag. TRUE!


Step 1 – Empty your handbag
Step 2 – Take a picture of the contents
Step 3 – Upload to (remember to `Like` the page first)
Step 4 – Wait to see if Debbie selects your handbag to read (she`s selecting the most interesting bags to read each day from 10th April – 11th May 2011)



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