Fantastic tips for applying make up with Healthy Magazine.

This is an incredible statistic but it`s true according to Healthy Magazine who recently carried the research out. More than four in five women (81%) admit they don`t know how to apply their make-up and almost a third (30%) haven`t changed their make-up style in over a decade.

It`s a great article and makes for fascinating reading, especially from a stylist`s perspective. There`s also some great make up tips on offer that are well worth a read – here`s a couple to get you started.

A Few Top Anti-Aging Tips from Ariane Poole (make-up artist to the stars):

• Using a lip primer can help make your lips colour last longer and acts as a filler for fine lines.
• Using lots of colours on your eyes can look awful and very dated choose two colours that compliment each other.
• If the skin on your eyelids tends to get oily, dab an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow. This stops the colour creasing.

The mag is only £1.50 (latest edition sown below) and is available from Holland & Barratt.


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