Easter Weekend Wedding in the Scottish Highlands

Help! I`m going to a wedding in the Scottish Highlands Easter weekend. While I won`t be required to go outside, so no worries about being too cold, I do have a lot of other, um, issues.

I`ve got 36D boobs, no waist, but quite nice legs and a reasonably small ass. I`m 34 and don`t want to appear as mutton dressed as lamb, but nor do I wish to look middle-aged. I am NOT girlie in any way and do not want to wear frills, flowers, pastels, satin or sequins. In any case, none of these things do anything for my shape at all. Finally, I`m going with a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate a dear friend`s wedding and am not there to pick anyone up or be picked up by anyone, so no cleavage or anything too short.

Short of wearing my work suit or a bin liner, I can`t think of a damn thing.
Can anyone offer any advice? I`m reaching desperation point!


Hi Alison

I have hunted down the best wedding outfit buys for you based on your requirements. I really hope these items will help you find your desired wedding outfit, as I know you want to look your best and feel confident at your friend`s wedding. You mentioned that you do not want to look girly but that does not mean you cannot look feminine. I have aimed to take you out of the office by avoiding shirts and trousers by choosing these dresses, which are not too short, old or young!! I hope you are inspired and truly hope this helps you with your dilemma.

Cassandra x

Malawi Print Dress £110.00 Monsoon
I love this dress because I love the way it avoids showing cleavage, one of your main concerns. It nips you in at the waist and avoids being too girly with the bold print. The embellished neckline allows you not to have to overcompensate with accessories and jewellery.

Agnes Print Shift Dress £85.00 Monsoon
Again the shift dress I believe helps you steer clear of the office look. Team this with simple accessories like a large wooden cuff and matching shoes that will complement the outfit, also from Monsoon.

Medium Rust Bangle £4.00 Accessorize

Mia Chocolate Satin Slingback £40.00 Monsoon


Nicole Appliqué Dress £65 Monsoon
I hope this ends up being your favourite, as it`s certainly mine. it`s made of silk but as you can see it`s not girlie in the slightest! The detail and cut is great it`s not too short or too old and you will get a chance to show off your fantastic legs without being overtly girly or attracting the wrong attention. This dress also allows you to cover your cleavage and creates a waist with the back tie sash. The sheer chiffon sleeves give this dress a classy edge, which is fantastic for this occasion and many more.
Team this dress with some silver jewellery, like a silver necklace and matching silver earrings. I don`t think a bracelet or cuff should be worn as it will overpower the dress; here are a few suggestions.

Audrey Silver Sandals £50.00 Monsoon

Mola Silver Clutch Bag £33.00 Dune

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