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Hi Chantelle,
I am looking for advice concerning the type of dress that would fit me best keeping in mind my body shape. I don’t know how you would categorize my body shape; I am 5’9′ and slender but wide. I have broad shoulders with a larger rib cage, a high waist and prominent love handles (that seem to give me another curve), almost no butt and slim but built legs. I am looking for a dress that would show off my slenderness while avoiding my prominent love handles.I love sewing my own clothes and would love to here any suggestions. Thank you for your time. Anonymous – by email.

Thank you so much for your email.

Your fashion agony is interesting. I have obviously tried to imagine what your body shape is like from your email and I have come up with a wonderful solution.

It sounds like you are naturally slender and because you are fairly tall means you can carry dresses off well. Because you have slim, toned legs, a dress that finishes below the knee will lengthen your body and enhance your height, flattering your overall shape. A high waist can be hard to work with but I suggest that you need to create a waist lower down your body. With everyday outfits you can do this by wearing belts lower down the body. The eye will be drawn down below your natural waist, giving you a longer upper body which will look more in proportion to your overall body shape. You also mention that you want to find a dress that avoids showing your prominent love handles …

I have found the perfect dress for you, it’s gorgeous and it will suit your body shape.


This dress will work well with your body shape because it is the right length for your height and build, it hugs the figure without being too clingy and it has the life-saver ruched effect all over, hiding any love handles you may have. It’s also a great one to wear out for dinner, it will hide any additional tummy folds when sat down at the dinner table. Additionally the shape of the dress at the back will enhance your butt making you look like you have one! This particular dress is by Vera Wang and it can be bought from Net-a-porter, but if you love sewing then you may well have a go at making one like this. Good Luck!

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