Do Killer Heels Kill The Look?

Hi Chantelle

I’m really liking the look that’s in at the moment with the thigh skimming mini dresses as I do have quite long legs but whenever I see people wearing them or advertised in magazines there are always worn with some sort of killer heel … I’m 5’9 in height so heels would just make me look like a giraffe!

Is there another shoe alternative that I can turn to that would still suit the look or should I just quit being paronoid about height and make a move for the heels!?!


Many thanks for your fashion agony.

I too love the thigh skimming mini dresses and there are various ways you can create this look for yourself.

If you are happy and comfortable with your height then go for a killer heel. All the models that you see wearing these dresses are all very tall and can carry this look very well but it’s whatever you feel comfortable in. I think you look fantastic in this style of dress and you should flaunt your pins wherever possible.

Styling tip one: One thing you can do to shorten your leg is to choose a pair of shoes that is a different colour to the dress but try and match it to a colour within the pattern – this will break up your leg area making your pins appear shorter. If a lady wanted to elongate their legs then they would stick to shoes and dress hemline of the same colour.

Styling tip two: As you can see from the picture below this look incorporates a mid heel and works equally as well with this style of dress. Because you are taller you can pull this heel height off but I would still try and choose a different shoe colour to dress.


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