DIY Designer Denim

How many times have you seen something wonderful in a magazine or on the catwalk and thought “I bet I could make that.”? Well, we at Topsytlista had the exact same thought when we same the latest jean craze. Ralph Lauren along with some other big names had decreed that the artistic paint-splattered look is perfect for a casual designer denim outfit this season.

Image of painted DIY Designer Denim

While these do look awesome, Topstylista know how much designer yummies can drain the purse.
So we decided to do some DIY, just to see whether it’s actually possible to make your own designer look.
Here’s the recipe:
1 pair of old jeans that you don’t mind covering in paint.
1 set of fabric paints (we got ours from for an amazing £5)
A few newspapers to protect the surfaces of the painting environment.
An apron (we understand that although you may be trying this out, you may not want to splatter most of your clothes with paint)
A couple of different sized paint-brushes. For more organic-looking results, use decorating brushes rather than thinner artistic brushes.
A mixing palette, to blend colours for your desired effect.

1. Prepare the jeans by washing and ironing them to make sure the fabric is clean and ready for the paint to work its best.
2. Lay the jeans flat on your news-papered surface making sure there are no creases or wrinkles.
3. Squeeze a bit of your preferred colours of the paint onto the mixing palette and start blending to get the shades you like.

DIY Designer Denim painting Instructions

4. Start with white, this will act as a base colour as it shows up best against any denim and makes all the other colours more vibrant.
5. Use the smaller of the brushes to all splats and drips for a natural looking mess (flicking the bristles against something makes a fine spray while dipping the brush in a tiny amount of water makes the paint easier to drip.)
6. Don’t forget the pockets and waistband, the messier the better!

DIY designer denim painting instructions

7. Once you are happy with your mess, leave the jeans somewhere safe to dry for 24 hours.
8. After 24hrs is up, turn the jeans inside out and iron the back of the painted side(s).
9. Now they are ready to wear! Depending on the instructions given by the fabric paints, it should be safe to wash your jeans on a cool wash- saving both your art and the environment.
10. Send us a pic of you rocking your couture pins via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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