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Isn`t it amazing that nowadays you can literally do, find or create anything online! We definitely have an affinity with innovative like-minded websites and we`re really excited to share with you our latest discovery –


It`s a fabulous website that allows you to design your own shoes. I was a little sceptical at first, as I`ve seen handmade shoes in the Far East and the quality is vastly disappointing, otherwise bespoke shoes that are made to order are tremendously expensive. seemed too good to be true.

When I first visited the site it looked fresh, stylish and modern – I love that it`s so visually enticing. The actual process of designing your own shoes is incredibly easy – simply click the `start designing` tab, and you`re away. When I first designed my shoes around 8 weeks ago the shoe visuals and design process was only available in 2D, but now a new 3D feature has been implemented – very nifty and gives a more realistic impression.

Firstly, I chose the style of shoe, and then I was able to play around with changing the style of toe, back, heel, colour and leather finishes. The first pair of shoes I wanted to design was a pair of ballet pumps. As a London personal stylist, I`m on my feet all day, hotfooting it around beautiful boutiques and department stores, and I can never find any flats I like to go with any of my outfits that aren`t plain black. I took to the hot seat and got creative, incorporating different coloured snakeskins in burgundy, black, green and gold tones as well as patent leather. I admit they sound a tad bit revolting but the end result was utterly astonishing if I do say so myself – I love how they turned out and for just £115 I think they`re a bargain, with no compromises.

Ballet pumps, £115

Secondly, I wanted to design an ankle boot with a mid wedge heel – I love wedges but can never ever find just the right height or style. I kept this design simple and subtler by playing around with black patent, leather and snakeskin finishes. On the other hand these do sound a little boring but actually they were just what I wanted – sophisticated everyday ankle boots to wear with skirts, dresses and my array of coloured skinny jeans!

Ankle boots, £210

When both pairs of shoes were ready to be despatched I received a `real life` photo (by email) of my actual shoes and this really made me look forward to their arrival. The delivery came and I was extremely impressed with how they were packaged up – reminded me of how my purchases from net-a-porter turn up! The shoes really did sell themselves, absolutely superb quality and just gorgeous in every way.

It`s recommend that you allow around 6 weeks from start to finish for them to be delivered but if shoesofprey can get them to you sooner then they will absolutely try their best to do so. To be on the safe side, if you know you`ve got an occasion that you really want your shoes for desperately, then it`s best to bear this in mind. And, if your shoes aren`t 100% right in terms of fit first time round then you have the option of having them made again until they are perfect. The shoesofprey customer service team is second to none and once you`ve experienced this fabulous site for yourself you will be customers for life – guaranteed!

It`s fair to say you can get incredibly creative and design a pair of shoes to go with any of your favourite outfits. Otherwise, if you`re not that way inclined then you can browse the `gallery` for inspiration. Either way, you’ll never be without your very own perfect pair of shoes.


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