Denim Highs!

Hi Chantelle,

Can you help? I have always worn low slung hipster jeans up until now. I am a typical pear shape and am relatively in proportion. I have noticed that there a lot more high-waisted trousers on the high street, which have been told should suit me and I have tried a few versions but have found they look hideous … Can you suggest where to try and which style should suit me best?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Julia, Surrey – by email

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your fashion agony about high-waisted trousers.

The trick, especially if you are trying out a totally different style of trouser is to keep it simple. You will find it a change to get used to where the trousers sit anyway, higher up than usual as opposed to low slung on the hip so first things first, get used to that. Keep detailing on the trousers simple – less is more at the end of the day and I suppose the best tip is to try something out which you are comfortable with, which you can experiment with everything and a pair that doesn’t cost too much initially. There will be no telling if you enjoy wearing them at first so it’s best to find an option which is inexpensive. If you find that you like wearing them then that’s the time to invest in a designer brand. A great solution is for you is to try the K Jeans high-waisted jeans with double welt pockets from Topshop. They are available in a mid stone colour which is versatile and you can try wearing them casually at the weekends first. They are a bargain at only £40 and additionally with pockets that lie flat is another flattering detail for your body shape.

An all round flattering high-waisted option to try!


I hope this has helped you find what your looking for … If you are interested in experiencing a personal shopping day in Surrey or London then please {encode=”” title=”email me”} for further details or to book an appointment.

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