Decléor’s Exfoliating Treat!

We`ve experienced at least some nice warm weather recently and after enjoying Victoria`s Summer Skin Special a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to give my body a luxury treat after covering up for so long.

It`s officially summer and every girls dream to have glistening, shiny, buffed skin for baring all in pretty floral dresses, so what better way than to scrub down to your hearts delight with a gorgeous smelling exfoliating treatment.


I have to say I`m always a little overwhelmed as to which brand is best but with me the products I choose have to fit my budget, which varies every month.

My favourite all time everyday brands are Clinique, Clarins and Dermalogica but recently I came across another quality brand Decléor, which I had never used before but I was open minded enough to read on. As I was actively looking for a new exfoliator to buff my body Decléor exfoliating body care is a real steel priced at £14.50 from Beauty Counter Direct, usually priced £27.50 on the high street! I had to have, try and test this treatment to see whether this was better than my usual Dermalogica scrub.

I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous smell of this exfoliator and I liked the fresh, feel-good colour of the packaging. The grains weren`t as coarse as my usual scrub, which is the one thing I do love about it but I have to say on this occasion I would definitely buy this treatment again as it fitted within my current budget and will last me well.

If you too like the idea of trying some luxury beauty brands for less why not visit Beauty Counter Direct to see what other bargains are available!

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