Cycling Holiday Dilemma

Hi Chantelle,

I am writing with a holiday packing dilemma. My husband and I are going to Provence in early September for 11 days. We will be cycling around Avignon and the Vaucluse region, travelling between 4 hotels, carrying everything on our bikes! I have my cycling gear sorted, but I need to bring some items, casual sightseeing clothes for our non biking days plus some nicer evening outfits for dinner at night BUT, weight and space are at a premium, I will only have two rear panniers to carry everything! All of the hotels we are staying at offer a laundry service, so I can have my clothes washed, and I don’t have to bring toiletries other than makeup. I can’t wear any capri/cropped trousers, my legs are on the shortish side. Quick drying, machine washable fabrics would be helpful too. My cycling shoes can be worn as casual walking around shoes also.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Liz Austin


Hi Liz – thank you for your email.

You have quite a tricky dilemma because of the very limited space that your bikes allow you to carry! There are lots of ways round it though so I would advise that you look at taking two pairs of linen trousers (linen is fantastic because it doesn`t matter if it looks creased). They are perfect for wearing sightseeing and during the evening, they will also act primarily as your wardrobe staples for this holiday.

It`s advisable to take four / six tops with you – a good option would be three for wearing sightseeing (casual) and three for the evening (smart / casual), but it`s wise to think how you can mix and match for both occasions and with both pairs of trousers. Perhaps choose a mixture of ones with different necklines and sleeve lengths that suit you, this way it will add interest to this holiday`s wardrobe.

Take two to three pieces of jewellery with you and accessorise your tops for the evening – this could be a few necklaces or a lightweight silk scarf and perhaps a chunky bangle. A pashmina will be useful on colder evenings, it can be used to accessorise a dress or other evening outfits and won`t take up too much room but see how you go on space.

If you have room why not take one lightweight dress and a pair of strappy flip flops or sandals that you can wear in the day and evening. Again, make sure they co-ordinate well with the accessories you`re taking so that you can glam your outfit up at night.

This is you done – easy, simple and with no unnecessary clutter! I hope you have found this styling advice useful – good luck and enjoy your holiday in September!

Best wishes,
Chantelle x

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