Crashing London Fashion Week 2015

London fashion week is the one we all know and love. How many of you attended London Fashion Weekend 2015?

Model at London Fashion Week 2015 - Side on view

Topstylista crashed the party at the gloriously opulent Somerset House in the last week of Feb. Sponsored by Vodafone, amid the grand Victorian architecture; Fashion Week filled the vast courtyard with an indoor catwalk and “Shop the Catwalk” showroom. The focal point of these buildings was the vibrant red and pink striped wall with the LFWE logo stamped on the corner. It quickly became known as the selfie-wall and Twitter and Instagram (as well as numerous fashion blogs, we hope) are covered in the evidence.

London fashion week is the one we all know and love. How many of you attended London Fashion Weekend 2015? Upon arriving, we were directed to the main reception area where we collected our designer tote goodie bag, filled with treats, that immediately made us feel like part of the Fashion Week crowd.

The rest of the house was filled with a maze of rooms filled with stalls of all kind of fashion wonders. From Vivienne Westwood and Phillip Lim to Little White Lies, Swatch and Maybelline; the rooms flowed from the exotic to the everyday and catered for all styles. The best thing about this maze was the discovery of new brands and products and the sheer brilliance of having whole rooms dedicated to one type of fashion. Fur and flamboyant accessories were one-such luxury, filling racks and rails with film-star style and all available to try on to your heart’s content.

Along with the shopping and catwalk shows, there were numerous talks and style-related events going on throughout the day that anyone could book in to watch. Experts and designers sharing their wisdom about putting our favourite fashion magazines together or how to use make-up to create looks we only dream of, what could be better?

With all the excitement and running from room to room, drooling over beautiful things, the mobile coffee shops around the courtyard came in very handy. The fact they were in shiny vintage-style vans was just a plus.

On the catwalk at London Fashion Week 2015

After having enough of the dizzying choice in the room-maze, we went to watch the stylish-young-things by the Selfie-Wall. It’s hardly enough to say that most of the outfits chosen to wear to LFWE were beyond imagination. From the street-savvy bloggers in long skirts, heels and statement coats to the eternally inspiring outfits of the individuals who just wear fashion their way. Groups of friends huddled for pictures, while young ladies spoke at the camera held by a friend presenting for their blogs. The fashion world twirled in happy chaos before our eyes and we enjoyed every second.

On the catwalk at London Fashion Week 2015

Soon it was time for the catwalk show we’d booked to see. Trends. Essential. So we joined the impressively long queue, using all this time to people-watch and admire the outfits being sported despite the typically British weather. Finally, we were at the front of the queue and then on the front row. The trends of S/S15 are: Florals, Shine, Monochrome and the 1970s.
What more could a Topstylista want?

At the end of the evening we left feeling invigorated and inspired and that’s when we realised, LFW isn’t just about showing people the sum of a load of designers’ work, it’s about inspiring them to follow their lead and invent their own version of the trends, to have fun with self-expression.


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