Chantelle’s Whooga Ugg Boots Review: Part 1

On first inspection my Whooga Ugg Boots seemed exactly the same as the UGG® Australia premier luxury boots that I grew to love all those years ago. Admittedly, I don`t wear mine so often now it`s summer but I still wear them now and again if I need warmth or comforting on a bitterly cold day, which can catch you unexpectedly as I`m sure you all know living here!

Anyway, my Whooga short chocolate Ugg boots finally arrived and I couldn`t wait to start wearing them. I`m a sucker for packaging and so I really loved the box design and its quality feel, and I took pleasure in untying the oversized brown ribbon.

Classic Short Ugg Boots. Price: £ 67.00.
Colours available: Chesnut, Chocolate, Black, Grey, Pink, Violet and Sand.

I wore the boots for three days constantly around the house and running errands, I felt the boot fleece had a thicker cushioning all round and I could see the actual grain of the boots looked like slightly better quality than my old Ugg boots, so effectively this means the boots will have more of a lasting durability.


However, after a few days of wearing them the stitching on the back seam of my right boot started to become undone. After all the positive first impressions I had experienced this was a little disappointing.

I notified Whooga customer services of this fault to see if I could exchange the boots and there was no question. The way in which my query was dealt with was fantastic, they apologised profusely and I was told to expect a brand new pair of boots in the next few weeks.

My second pair of boots arrived in the same stunning packaging and they looked perfect, all the stitching was good, the fleece cushioning was superb but the signature Whooga label on the back of the boots was different to the first pair. I`m not sure why this was the case, perhaps you could put it down to quality control or maybe even a recent rebrand, but remember, of course I wouldn`t have even noticed this minor detail if I had only received one pair of boots in the first place!

From what I have seen the prices of the Whooga and Ugg Australia boots are pretty similar. Honestly, if I had to choose between Whooga and Ugg Australia then I would choose what seems like the more established and premium brand Ugg Australia, I can put it down to the fact that I experienced just a few too many inconsistencies in this instance.

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