Cette Shapewear Review from Lingerie Please!

I was quite excited when they arrived but seeing the women on the front of the packaging wearing the items did make me think I would no way look like that! When it came round to opening them up and actually seeing the shapewear I did wonder how I was going to get them on – they were so tiny and, as I had opted for small, thought a medium would have been the better choice. Oh how wrong I was! Once I had tried them on they fitted perfectly and were more comfortable than I thought.

The Cette Evolution Midriff, Tummy, Thigh and Rear Shaper is made of Lycra and says it accentuates the waist, reduces fat rolls on the rib cage, controls the curves of the tummy, hips and thighs and supports the lower back. It even mentions you can drop a dress size! It was a bit of a struggle to get on but fitted so well. I could definitely see a difference in my shape and lost half an inch from my waist, tummy, hips and thighs! I looked slimmer and it really defined my waist and gave my curves a smooth finish plus being a size 8/10 pear shape I loved the fact that it enhanced my shape! The top does roll down slightly every now and then but not enough for it to bother me. It is perfect to wear with jeans (which I felt fitted better when wearing the shapewear), t-shirts, boob tubes, tank tops, and figure hugging dresses and work wear.


The Cette Shapewear Evolution Midriff Tummy Thigh and Rear Shaper, £17.99 from Lingerie Please

The Cette Shapewear Revolution Magic Knickers Support is, again, made of Lycra and says it flattens the tummy, refines bottom and thighs and supports the lower back. It is super comfy and the results were really noticeable – especially my tummy! I`ve never seen it look so flat! I was quite surprised and felt a little vain because I couldn`t stop looking in the mirror! The shapewear gave my thighs a good shape and my bum looked more defined too – a slight lift but overall it just flattened everything and made me slimmer. It kind of made me stand up straighter as the top of it just sat in the small of my back. The only downfall again is that the top did roll down slightly when I sat down but apart from that I was really pleased with the results! They go perfectly under jeans and my bum looked more pert when I wore it with one of my pencil skirts. A good choice if you wear a lot of figure hugging clothing as it gives you that smooth silhouette and gets rid of unsightly bumps.


The Cette Shapewear Revolution Magic Knickers Support, £16.99 from Lingerie Please

My favourite would have to be the Revolution Magic Knickers Support as I felt it gave me a flatter looking tummy and worked best for my pear shape, but overall I am extremely happy and pleased with both pieces. They gave me that extra bit of confidence and did what they say on the packaging. Some women may think differently, but for me they gave me a slimmer more defined figure!

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