Celgenics – is this the future of cosmetics?

Celgenics is a new range of cosmetics that is changing the face of the industry and we`ve been lucky enough to try it out. The products use electromagnetic energy, alongside hyaluronic acid frequencies and collagen to help increase the skins cellular energy and rejuvenation counteracting the effects of ageing.

We`ve now used it for a month and have to say that it feels fantastic, especially in this cold weather when our skin is so horribly dry. The cream itself has a gorgeous texture and applies incredibly well. It also lasts all day from one application and leaves your skin feeling well nourished.


It`s marketed as a `facial in a jar` and have to say that we have to agree that this statement is pretty much spot on based on how fresh it leaves your skin feeling after application.

The product ingredients are made up of essential oils, such as Frankincense, Geranium and Ylang Ylang, which makes for a great combination of skin repair and replenishment.

If you`ve never heard of electromagnetic energy in relation to beauty products and are interested to find out…

The basics of the formula involve manually transferring specific energy frequencies for skin repair, including the electromagnetic signatures of homeopathic collagen and hyaluronic acid into spring water (everything has its own frequency/number, just like we measure the rhythmical electrical activity of the heart in an ECG). (1) The energised water is then transferred into the Celgenics range, which works to promote optimum rejuvenation levels.

Do we like it? WE LOVE IT!

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