Can`t work out why you`re putting on the pounds?

Whilst food intolerance has long been related to being unable to shed weight, it`s now only recently become known that you can actually shed weight by eating the same amount of calories, but just of the right foods and avoiding what your body can`t digest effectively.

Some recent research involving 32 overweight women and a 3 month time period found that more than 90% of those who completed the Fresh Start trial lost an average of 3kg – shed without much effort. All of these women were found to have food intolerance and showed signs of persistent bloating, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and unexplained tiredness.

The ladies were followed daily by nutritionists to ensure they stuck to their regimes and ate exactly the same amount of calories… and they still lost weight.


The problem is first finding out if you have food intolerance, then addressing it. Well the wait is over – there`s a new product out called Food Detective that costs £50 and takes 40 minutes to return your results. It will show you how your body reacts to 59 of the most commonly eaten foods, which will help you structure your diet and avoid all the things that make you feel horrible!

One of the ladies carrying out the trial was Sharon who was reacting to milk and almonds and, to a lesser extent, eggs. Immediately, Sharon set about withdrawing any foods with those ingredients, and within eight weeks her symptoms had ebbed away. She also successfully lost 1st 1lb by the end of the trial, taking her down to 15st.

`Everything began to fall into place. I love cheese, I`d have cereal every morning with milk, I`d make smoothies with milk and I`d have yoghurt thinking that it was a healthy snack with a lunchtime sandwich,` says Sharon.

`I felt so much better after taking dairy out of my diet, with much more energy. I know that the improvement in my health was related to food, as if I have milk on my cereal now I immediately start to feel uncomfortable.`

Sharon went on to lose more weight after the trial. Within weeks, her weight fell to 14st 10lb. She found the Fresh Start trial easier to follow than a diet because she was less hungry on it. `With the Fresh Start trial I was eating the same amount of calories and so I did not have so many hunger pangs. It is an effortless way to lose weight so long as you are organised and make sure that you buy the food you can eat in advance.`


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