Can You Stomach It?

Tummies are a very common problem when it comes to ‘dressing’ yourself.


The tummy area comes in all shapes and sizes and many people hate this part of their body so they cover it up mainly by wearing big baggy tops. This is not the way to do it! By trying to cover up this area people actually end up drawing attention to it.

I really believe that there is no point in spending all your life dieting. All you have to do is eat healthily and exercise sensibly. I go through good and bad times with my tummy, sometimes it looks slim and other times I know I have to start exercising or cut down on the amount of snacking I do. At the end of the day you need to be happy and dress for now and not next month when/if you have lost a few pounds.

Here are some tips of things TO DO if you have a problem tummy:

Think about layering tops, it is a good way to detract attention from your tummy area, try and layer in similar colour tones. I would suggest experimenting to see what works for you and what doesn’t. It may take time but there is no rush to get it right straight away.

When choosing trousers or skirts go for darker colours but don’t get caught up in just going for the usual black.

A good tip is to accessorise an outfit with a scarf. There are some gorgeous ones around at the moment in delicate fabrics so colour code it with your outfit. For evening wear go for a sequinned style to add some glits and sparkle to an outfit. If you let the scarf hang naturally it will lengthen the body and it will cut through the waist, concealing it.

Go for some magic knickers, they are a great way of pulling everything in. I can recommend a brand called Spanx, when you put them on the top of these magic knickers goes right up to just beneath the bust, I know you can buy them on online at Figleaves, My Tights, Tights Please or Debenhams stores throughout the UK.

When your out shopping and deciding on the right styles of clothing to buy, look for wrap tops and dresses, this conceals the middle area very well. Rouched tops are always a great top to go for because your tummy will fall into the rouched parts of the top, the eye will not know which part is the top or which part is your tummy. This can be hard to believe but when your out next on a shopping spree, give it a try.

Here are some tips of things NOT TO DO if you have a problem tummy:

Do not just put a baggy top on, it will actually make you look a lot bigger than you really are.

Avoid wearing trousers or skirts that are too small. Your tummy will get pushed up and over the waistline and all you will see is flab – not very attractive …

Try and avoid pattern and detail in this area, it will accentuate what is really there.

If you have any questions you would like to ask on problem body shapes or body parts then please don’t hesitate to email me. I will be happy to find solutions and give you further advice on what clothes to buy that will suit your body shape.

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