Bulging Everywhere – Can You Help Me?

Hi Chantelle

Please help I can’t find anything in the shops that is not a Smock or for the bigger person. I’ve picked up a few tips along the way – i.e. don’t wear 3/4 lengths if your short legs and avoid jeans/trousers with pockets.

My statistics are:
Height: 5’1″ Trouser size: 16 Bra size: 38D

General comments:
Bulging everywhere – 3 spare tyres around middle area, big bum, big legs and feel out of proportion really.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Many thanks
Louise, Mayo – by email


Hi Louise

Thanks so much for your email.

Here are some additional styling tips that you haven’t mentioned and if you bear these in mind when your dressing yourself then they will definitely help you achieve your desired look.

The aim of your overall look is to keep the eye on the face as this is the key to looking slimmer and taller. A shorter hairstyle is a great option and natural make-up are essential.

1) When creating outfits bear in the mind the magic ‘Y’ shape which is essentially the vertical lines that your outfits should be mirroring.

2) When looking for tops go for ones that have uncluttered sleeves – plain and simple are very effective for your body shape.

3) Collarless, single breasted jackets are a flattering jacket option and it’s worth giving some shoulder pads a go – they will create shape in your shoulders, helping to balance out your lower body. You can wear them with any top apart from strapless styles and you can buy them from John Lewis or from a company called Sharper Image (Tel: 01529 300323).

4) Match the same colour of an outfit and wear head to toe, this will create an illusion of height. Experiment using medium to dark colours on your lower half and brighter colours near your face to create a focal point for the eye.

5) Keep patterns to a minimum so stick to block colours and in terms of fabric, wear matt fabrics rather than shiny silk types – silk fabric types will only enhance your size.

6) When shopping for accessories find ones that sit close to your face and brooches can even be worn high on your shoulder.

7) There are some fundamental things that you avoid, these things are horizontal lines, anything that is too baggy, tight, bulky, shiny and bold. It’s also the little details that can make or break an outfit for you and these things are frills, large bows, wide belts and heavy footwear.

8) Two brands which I recommend to my clients are called Curvety and igigi. Take time to browse their website, think carefully about the tips I have given you and you never know what you might find.

I hope these tips have helped you think out the perfect outfits for yourself. It’s time to start working towards your perfect capsule wardrobe and there’s no better place to start than your own closet, then embark on a shopping spree in Dublin! If I can help in any other way please contact me again.

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