British jewellery designer Hannah Warner Re-launches her Website!


Hannah`s new Ancient Tribe Collection will be available as well as pieces from her Egyptian, Coral Nugget and Bone Collections. Each design is unusual, yet beautifully powerful. All of the pieces can be made to order via the website in matt gold, oxidised silver and black rhodium and Precious stones from emeralds to diamonds can be added too. You`ll have a beautiful piece of unique jewellery which you can treasure forever.

Inspired by her travelling and interest in ancient history, Hannah`s latest collection draws inspiration from Hellenic Greek, Turkish and Egyptian jewellery as well as Tribal African coiled jewellery. She mixes rough and smooth surfaces together to create bold and amazingly gorgeous jewellery. Key pieces in the collection include the ball ear cuffs, spike and crystal 5 hoop earrings and `shark tooth` bangles. The rings are designed to stand out and make a statement so why not sport either the hinged caged fingers piece or the knuckle rings. Glamour meets bold!

Prices will start at £70 up to £400

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