Because you`re worth it…

Fashion shows, style workshops and corporate events are big news at the moment… high street stores, shopping centres, fashion brands and my corporate clients are all thinking outside the box in order to attract new customers.

AND it`s about time too! …

For so long companies just expected repeat custom to return time after time without having to try very hard. Now it`s a different story, with customers wary of surviving this current climate they are still spending their hard earned cash cautiously. They deserve to be looked after and receive more for their money in terms of experiencing excellent customer service all the time and to be fair I think the staff and management teams on the ground are trying their damn hardest – keep up the good work!

I was out shopping yesterday with a client in Guildford and the `more than necessary` sales advisors were out in force selling to their hearts content. Over the last couple of months I have noticed more smiles and interesting selling techniques performed on the shop floors so whilst I don`t agree with staff pushing stores cards and credit I think overall this is a good thing. Sales advisors are appreciating the jobs they have and they are working harder to give better customer service, this I believe is the norm now across most industries now.

I`m looking forward to contributing to customers experience with the events I am getting involved with soon. Will keep you posted on where and when they are, and I hope to see you there!

Chantelle x

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