Beauty Secret Revealed: Lucas` Pawpaw Ointment

They sure know how to look after their skin down- under! Australian born Lucas` Pawpaw ointment has been a trade secret in the UK for far too long and it is high time that somebody outed it! Used at shows and shoots by the team of über make-up artist `La Tilbury` for almost everything, this unassuming balm will soften even the driest of skin, the most cracked of lips, the roughest of elbows. It has been the eight hour cream of explorers, surfers and skiers for eighty years now – tested by and developed in the harsh climates of the Australian outback.


This is so much more than a barrier cream. This petroleum based jelly contains 39mg of fresh fermented pawpaw, discovered by botanist Dr Lucas in 1906 to be an extraordinary natural antiseptic with unbeatable moisturising properties. Aside from this, pawapaw is known to be an anti-inflammatory, relieving pain from muscle ache and the severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It also works miracles on stubborn skin wounds, increasing their speed of healing considerably.

Totally understated, it is packaged in the traditional little black and red medicinal tube. In my opinion it should bear a giant neon sign on its front, flashing `TRY ME!” but perhaps its somewhat casual packaging is proof that quality speaks volumes more than branding!

Slip a little tube of this into your shopping trolley and, trust me, your lips will thank you. After all, there is not an Australian woman out there, who doesn`t carry a tube of this wonder balm around in her handbag.

Lucas` Pawpaw Ointment, £3.65 25g.

written by
Katie Service

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