Aruna Seth’s Gossip Girl Luxury Shoe Collection

Are there any Gossip Girl fans out there? Of course there are!… I found out about Aruna Seth recently because the costume designer for this show Eric Daman loves this luxury evening and bridal shoe brand.


In an upcoming episode Eric chose a pair of Aruna Seth ballerina pumps called Rochelle for Character Nelly Yuki to wear at graduation. For those of you who don`t know he`s even worked with Patricia Fielding on Sex and the City and states –

`Gossip Girls style is great because it`s accessible.`

I hadn`t even heard of Aruna Seth up until now, but am super glad I have! The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and they are extremely sugar sweet candylicious. With such a beautiful collection of chic designs these shoes are ready for you to slip, literally enticing you to treat your feet with a sprinkling of twinkle toe bling. The Rochelle ballerina is available in tan and black and the buttery leather with diamante rose detailing is simply stunning!

Rochelle £295

From what I can see each shoe and handbag is carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection right in the heart of Northern Italy and let me tell you only the finest quality materials are chosen for each shoe. Embellished with Swarovski and exquisite detailing, you`ll feel like Cinderella everyday at the ball.

Aruna Seth comments –

`My desire, as long as I can remember has been to make the most beautiful, luxurious shoes in the world.”

Aruna`s multicultural background means the inspiration for her collections are obtained from a range of cultures making for some incredibly beautiful feminine footwear. She travels the globe for inspiration and captures pieces from the fashion capitals of the world including Paris, Milan, New York and Moscow. And, if you like what you see from this collection then you`ll be extra pleased to know that a boutique is soon to open this year in Chelsea, London. For now however Aruna Seth offers a personalised bespoke appointment service, whereby shoes can be made to order at luxury London hotel the Cadogan Hotel just off Sloane Square.

Aruna Seth offers a range of over 40 different shoe designs and currently these are available internationally with showrooms in London and Moscow, for personal appointments only. If you would like to browse the collection before the Chelsea boutique opens then visit

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