Are You Boobilicious?

It’s a fact that most men would love us all to have bigger boobs but as a lady this body part can become a problem area when choosing clothes to wear. Of course you want to enhance what assets you have but there are ways to overcome this. It’s not a nice feeling when you know men look at just your chest or even talk into it!


It is important to balance out the body when you have a big bust as you can look very top heavy and look out of proportion. The main aim when you have big boobs is to reduce the appearance of them by wearing the right items of clothing.

Here are some tips of things TO DO if you have a big bust:

Firstly you need to find the right bra, get measured at any high-street department store, you will find that most offer this service. When shopping for a bra look for one with good support and lift, once the bust is lifted it accentuate the smallest part of your figure which is normally the waist. A great website to have a look at is Bravissimo, they cater for ladies who have a big bust. You can buy specially designed lingerie, swimwear and clothing for bigger busts – I particularly love their pretty lingerie ranges.

Think about your overall appearance, believe it or not wide leg trousers will make you appear to have a more proportioned figure and therefore balance out your boobs.

In terms of buying tops look for ‘deep v’ and scoop neck tops, also a good tip is to try and stick to plain, solid colour tops. Layering these tops is also a great way to reduce the appearance of your boobs. Wear a little vest top underneath a low v or scoop neck.

Here are some tips of things NOT TO DO if you have a big bust:

Never wear high neck tops or polo necks as this will make you look a lot larger than you really are. The eye will just see a big mass of area on your top half and the problem is that there is no body shape definition created. For all we know your boobs and tummy area could be as one …

Don’t accessorize or wear too much near the bust area, this will draw the eye to your boobs.

Avoid too much bright colour on your top half, again, it will look fussy and it will be hard for the eye to see your body shape.

If you have any questions you would like to ask on problem body shapes or body parts then please don’t hesitate to email me. I will be happy to find solutions and give you further advice on what clothes to buy that will suit your body shape.

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