Another Winter Wedding Fashion Dilemma

Hi Chantelle

I am having a winter wedding panic! My friend is getting married in November and I am really stuck for ideas.

I have long hippy-ish red curly hair, so colour-wise I tend to rely on blacks and greys, which makes wedding outfits difficult anyway! I’m not averse to colour, just find it hard to match my hair a lot of the time. I am a `straight-up-and-down`, size 8, so feel a bit silly in girly dresses.

These aren’t the real problems though – my cat had fleas a few weeks ago and my legs are covered in bites. Although we’ve got rid of them now, there is no way they’ll clear up in time to wear a dress. Can I wear dark opaque tights to a wedding?

The other thing that makes things difficult is that my boyfriend is shorter than me so I have to wear flattish shoes really otherwise the photos will look strange!

I can just imagine myself ending up in trousers and pumps and feeling very underdressed and I really don’t want to.

Please help me!

Hi Jakki,

Many thanks for your fashion agony.

I would love to help you find the perfect wedding outfit for your friend`s wedding. I am not sure of your budget requirements so I have been browsing online boutiques and high street retailers to find you some options that I hope you like.

There is one thing which I would like to set straight… ladies always have a perception of their body image which is very hard to change but you have amazing red, bouncy hair (very cute!) and two, you have a fantastic athletic size 8 figure, guaranteed to be the envy of most girls at this wedding and a figure that will be a pleasure to dress!

My aim for you with finding a dress is to create a more feminine figure, adding more curves by enhancing your waist. With all these dresses I see coloured tights being worn with them so try and break away from the standard black, this will add interest to your outfit whilst also hiding your flea bitten legs.

Manoush Marine Wool Blend V-neck Dress – £165 – Net-a-porter
STYLE ADVICE: This marine dress is a great neutral and contrast with your coloured hair, it looks easy to wear and comfortable for a long day at the wedding. It needs glamming up, so accessorise with metallic gold or marine patent pumps (pointed toe), delicate trinket-like jewellery and gold clutch bag – a vintage theme on all items will work well. Team with marine or gold glitter tights.

Diane Von Furstenberg Multi-colored Metallic Python Print Knee Length Wrap Dress – WAS: £573.00 | NOW: £343.80 – Net-a-porter
STYLE ADVICE: The green combinations in this dress will really complement your hair colour and the gold sash will enhance your waist. The wrap dress style is easy to wear and complements your type of body shape by breaking up your long athletic figure and by wearing a pattern will reduce your height also. Team with olive / green velvet shoes (with small kitten heels), olive tights and gold accessories.

Ombre Chiffon Bandeau Dress – £80 – Oasis
STYLE ADVICE: A feminine dress in striking purples and blues will complement your colouring. You mentioned that you feel silly in girlie dresses so remove the sash and replace with one that isn`t so `pretty`.

Embellished Ponti Dress – £60 – Oasis
STYLE ADVICE: A more serious and grown-up dress with little `fuss`. It will complement your boyish figure by enhancing your waist.

Anim Printed Plunge Dress by Antik Batik – £203 – my-wardrobe
STYLE ADVICE: A glamorous and feminine chiffon dress, with long sleeves – perfect for a Winter wedding to see you through day and evening. It may be a little revealing for a wedding so match a brown or aubergine vest top underneath and team with pointed, flat gold pumps.

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