A great read – 50 years of Everyday British Fashion

You can only take so much Hollywood gossip sometimes and need a break from all those same-old-same old stories in the glossies. That`s probably why `Yours` has ventured into something a little different with a one off title called `50 Years of Everyday Fashion` which is currently flying off the shelf at a Sainsbury`s near you for £4.99.


Do you want to see what your mum used to look like back in the glorious days of disco, or perhaps even those shoulder padded Dynasty 80`s? It`s a fascinatingly addictive flic that`s full 132 pages of great pics and short stories, and therefore well worth a peek in my opinion.

As a stylist I`m getting some great inspiration from it, especially the crazy 80`s… fashion was clearly in a strange place with Shell suits and pixie boots!

The magazine is on sale up until the 2nd April 2008 so don`t hang about, pick up your copy today!

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