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British company Figgahugga launched in September 2013 and offers a fun colourful selection of slimwear designed exclusively for younger women.  The fact that they look like normal dresses and come in neon bright hues makes them suitable to be seen rather than hidden tactfully underneath garments so get ready to look fab and feel confident!


The idea behind Figgahuggas came from the worry young women have about developing a ‘food baby’ before going out but as this latest slimwear is so strong you’ll be able to eat without the fear of your tummy popping out.  The unique double layered design delivers an extra firm hold for an instant slimming effect whilst the 360 degree hug flattens tummies and smoothes hips for a flawless silhouette.  They have no ghastly lines, shaping, contour marks, bumpy straps or wires so this streamline garment is ready and waiting to boost your confidence sky high.


Other amazing qualities to Figgahuggas is that they easily hide VPLs and bra straps plus, thanks to the latest technology, are made of breathable nylon and lycra so they are not only strong when it comes to holding you in but will keep you cool and dry.  The slimwear will make for a worthy investment for parties too as the silicon hem will stop it riding up when you’re dancing the night away.

Most slimwear has been designed to be worn but not seen but Figgahuggas have been made for both.  These unique garments will have women looking at their wardrobes in a new light, mixing and matching the colourful pieces with various other clothing to produce fun creative looks.  Think of all the different outfit combinations you can put together!


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When it comes to makeup I have to admit, sometimes I can be a little clueless.  I know fashion and what suits my body shape but when faced with a horde of beauty products my confidence wavers.  This is why when I was invited to attend a make-under from bareMinerals I was more than excited to see what the experience would offer.


It was a little daunting stripping off all my makeup at the beginning of the beauty tutorial but the lovely artist made me feel at ease.  I was talked through all the products that were used including their benefits and how they can improve certain flaws.  Preparation is key to achieving a flawless long-lasting finish which will instantly lift your confidence inside and out so my make-under started with using the Purifying Cleanser and the Glow Pads which brighten and renew skintone and texture for radiance.  After applying moisturiser my skin felt clean and smooth ready for the makeup to be applied.

Primer was applied all over my face as well as concealer under my eyes and on a few blemishes to create the perfect canvas for a flawless application of the READY foundation.  A touch of blusher and bronzer were a lovely finishing touch!  When it came to my eyes an eye primer was used to provide a smooth base to maximise the colour intensity and staying power of eyeshadows which I’ve had trouble with in the past.  It’s always a shame when you spend so long creating the perfect smoky eye to have it fade away and lose its statement effect throughout the day or night so the Prime Time Eyelid Primer is an ideal beauty investment.

I chose READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in Top Shelf to compliment my skin tone which has warmer undertones.  The two blendable nude/gold colours were subtle enough to wear during the day but still had that touch of sparkle and with a hint of Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner and a flick of mascara, all the products made my eyes pop.  I opted for a lipgloss to complete my look as I find it easier to apply than lipstick.  bareMinerals’ new Moxie lipgloss in Hot Shot was a beautiful vibrant colour that gave a glistening shine to my lips and brought the whole look together.


What was great about the make-under, compared to other stores where I’ve had makeup applied, is that I was shown how to apply the beauty products, mimicking what the artist was doing.  This unique aspect makes achieving the look a lot less daunting the next time round as you’ll leave with the basic knowledge needed to apply a catwalk ready look courtesy of bareMinerals.  This is definitely a worthwhile makeup experience if you’re looking to learn handy advice and pick-up some useful tips!


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I’m always a bit sceptical when I hear about clothing products that promise weight lost, smoother skin and the reduced appearance of cellulite; it always seems too good to be true!  Zaggora, a sportswear company that creates technology motivated activewear and bodycare formulas, launched a little while ago now and promises all of these things which definitely peaked my interest.  I was curious to know if the products actually work so decided to give them a go myself! 


There is always a rush to get that bikini body ready in time for the hot and sunny weather, plus little fashionista me is jetting off to Australia at the end of the year and I am determined to at least tone up so I don’t feel completely out of place on Bondi beach.  That’s why I was rather excited when the Zaggora Hotpants 2.0 and Hot Top arrived in the post – I was eager to put them to the test.

Now what is it I hear you ask that makes Zaggora different from the usual workout gear?  Well this is the oh-so-clever bit; Celu-Lite Technology is a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories.  The clothing has been tested in the US and UK and was shown to increase the metabolic rate during exercise by up to 18% versus a standard garment when Zaggora items were worn for at least 30 minutes of exercise.  Now that’s a noticeable difference!

The Hot Top has been designed to target the upper stomach and back and is made from fast-drying smart fabrics, woven from recycled nano-sized coffee grounds and ice-cool crystals to wick sweat along the top and sides to keep you cool and fresh.  The four-way stretch of the garment creates a softer, lighter and more flexible fit too and the special sports mesh neutralizes odour.


Hot Top in Blue, £50.00 from Zaggora

The Hot Pants, which I admit I was more excited to wear as I am a pear shape, targets the hips, bum, thighs, knees and calves.  They are thinner, lighter and more flexible than the originals plus the curved seams contour your figure along your natural curves for a great slimming effect.


Hot Pants 2.0 Capri, £65.00 from Zaggora


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Why not put a twist on your work wear attire this season? In most office-based roles these days, gone are the days of having to be suited and booted, it’s more of a business casual dress code that is portrayed. Smart tailoring is still key but certainly for women less formal shirts such as feminine blouses and smart tops or knitwear will suffice. Clean lines and good quality fabrics will reflect that smart and professional image in the work place that will help impress clients and send out the right messages to employees.

Cashmere Midi Dress, Pure Collection £199


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Those of us that have baby girls know that buying cute gorgeous outfits is never ending! And, once they start walking then matching the shoes is a whole different ball game. Bobux specialises in soft sole, pram, step-up and i-walk shoe styles, which means your little one, can look stylish from newborn to toddler stage for any occasion. These shoes are made from lightweight premium leather, which do ultimately provide superior protection, comfort and warmth.


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