Butterfly Bra By Ashley Stewart

The Butterfly Bra by Ashley Stewart is being touted as the saviour of voluptuous women everywhere. It’s been designed in conjunction with Jill Scott, the two-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist who has talked passionately about her own search for a comfortable bra that doesn’t dig in and supports in all the right places.


Jill Scott has said “that I have never found everything I need in a bra.”

As result she has worked with Ashley Stewart to produce a bra that deals with a wide array of design issues that modern bras don’t tackle.

These include:

• Uncomfortable underwiring.

• Poor support.

• Uncomfortable material.

• Not enough coverage at the front.

• Straps digging in.

Jill Scott is claiming that the Ashley Stewart Butterfly Bra will deal with all these problems – for example the issue of support is dealt with by shoulder straps and under supports filled with gel.

The Butterfly Bra isn’t available yet, but early reports are that it’s sympathetic design will make it a best seller for curvy women everywhere.

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