Beauty Spring Clean For All Seasons

Purge your Makeup Bag
Surveys show that many women continue to use their cosmetics long after they should. The discovery of a 5 year old lipstick lurking at the bottom of a makeup bag is unfortunately a common occurrence. As a general rule, beauty products have a limited shelf life of between 3 -12 months, and once the pack has been opened the clock starts ticking. The table below gives an indication of the average lifespan of beauty products that have been opened.

Beauty Products Lifespan

Make up Products:
– Mascara: Every 3 months
– Foundation / Concealers: Every 3-6 months
– Lipstick: Every 6 months
– Lip gloss: Every 3-6 months (depending on consistency)
– Eyeliner: Every 6-12months (sharpen before every use)
– Blusher: Every 3-6 months (sooner if cracked)

Skin care products:
– Moisturisers: Every 12 months
– Cleansers: Every 12 months
– Toners: Every 12 months

Regardless of how old a beauty product is, if it changes consistency or develops an unusual smell you should stop using it and through it away. Our skin care and cosmetics products come into contact with our hands and a variety of makeup brushes on a daily basis and it`s no wonder that germs multiply and spread. Although they may not be life threatening they can cause eye infections and breakouts.

Replacing your beauty products regularly will not only help you achieve your goal of fresher clearer skin, but it will also help you avoid getting into a makeup rut. More frequent visits to the beauty counter will draw your attention to new products and shades and tempt you to experiment. While buying new cosmetics from a discounted online beauty store is a very cost effective way of experimenting as you`ll fins many products at a fraction of high street prices.

Keep Beauty Tools Clean
Makeup brushes should be thoroughly cleaned once a week in hot soapy using either a mild shampoo or anti-bacterial liquid. Having gently rubbed cleansing product through the bristles of the brush for 2-3 minutes they should be rinsed and left to dry thoroughly. If you`re in a hurry you can use am antibacterial sprays as a quick and easy alternative. Don`t forget to regularly wash cosmetic bags too to remove any traces of makeup.

Spring Clean for the Face and Body

There`s more to an effective beauty routine than a quick splash with soap and water. Smooth clear skin requires a little more care and attention.

Daily facial skin care routine
• Cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and evening. There are a wide variety of products and formulations to choose to
suit all budgets, preferences and skin types. If you are unsure of your skin type then seek advice at the beauty counter
• Use a sun cream at least SPF 15 throughout the year.
• Over 25`s: Don`t wait until the lines appear, start using eye creams now. Apply eye creams if required.
• Over 40`s: Applying neck cream and anti-ageing or firming products now will reap benefits in years to come.

Using an exfoliator 2-3 times per week not only boosts circulation but replaces dull, flaky skin with a healthy glow. A cheap alternative to a designer beauty brand is natural porridge oats, mixed with a little water.

Facial Masks
Weekly facial masks are a lovely pampering treat and have the added benefit of being an excuse to take time to relax. Relaxation is a crucial part of any beauty regime as tension will over time show in your face and even your posture. Choose the best type of facial mask to suit your skin type; a rich hydrating mask for dry or mature skins or a deep cleansing mask for oily skins. For combination skin you should ideally use two different masks to cater for both the oily and dry areas of skin.

A hydrating mask is deeply moisturising. They replace vital moisture levels and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Deep cleansing masks draw out impurities leaving the skin clean and fresh. Microdermabrasion is an alternative to applying a facial mask. They are highly effective way to deep cleanse the skin as they remove the upper most layer of skin – ideal for reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin with a healthy, radiant glow. Always follow the manufacturer`s instructions very carefully for although these products are very effective they should be handled with care.

Soft Smooth Skin All Over
Daily dry body brushing encourages lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins and waste within the body. Use long gentle upward strokes towards the heart. Follow dry body brushing with a moisturising body product. Whether you prefer a body milk, body cream or body oil, choose one that is easily absorbed. It will be less time consuming and you are more likely to build it into your daily routine. Apply with firm circular movements until all the product has been absorbed.

• If you are concerned about cellulite you can substitute your body moisturiser with an anti cellulite product. Massage firmly
into the affective areas. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for cellulite but with regular use of specialist beauty treatments
visible results can be achieved with the skin appearing less dimpled and softer, smoother and more toned.

A fresh approach to lifestyle
Making a few simple gradual changes will create visible results in your complexion, shape and energy levels. It is often advisable not to make too many changes all at once as it can be harder to keep to your new regime. Better to make changes gradually and reap the benefits than set yourself goals within an unachievable time frame.

Reduce or avoid caffeine intake
As this has a drying effect on the complexion, and deprives the skin of moisture.

Increase your water intake
Try to drink up to 2 litres of water per day. This will help to flush out toxins and waste products, and will leave the skin hydrated and clear. Drinking water prevents congestion and breakouts and is essential for maintaining a healthy looking complexion.

Drink fresh fruit juice and fruit smoothies
Fruit contains anti-oxidants which will help to keep skin clear and free from congestion and breakouts.

Healthy, balanced diet. Enjoy a healthy balanced diet and eat at regular intervals. Choose foods that are low in fat, sugar and salt. Read food labels carefully as you may be shocked at the salt, sugar and fat levels contained in some of your favourites. Eating breakfast is essential when trying to maintain a healthy diet as you`re less likely to snack during the morning. When you can`t avoid snacking choose a healthy option – fruit, vegetable sticks or nuts and seeds.

Avoid smoking and alcohol
These deprive the skin of oxygen, and have a drying effect. Smoking often causes the skin to become dull and is known to cause premature ageing. Although there are some wonderful anti-ageing products on the market, prevention is always better than cure.

Exercise regularly
This doesn`t have to mean joining a gym; find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick at it.

And finally, the easiest of all steps you can take to improve your complexion.
Simply by getting at least 7 hours sleep per night you`ll look refreshed and you`ll reduce the chances of having dark circles or puffiness around the eyes, both of which are very ageing.

Spring is a great time to make a fresh start and becoming refreshed and invigorated, but to really reap the long term benefits these steps form the basis of an all year round beauty routine.

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